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Learn to breathe intentionally over the course of my 21 day breathwork challenge so you can feel less stressed, increase your digestion, improve your sleep and ignite your inner self-healing.

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Learn the Basics of Breathwork for Improved Health and Increased Resiliency

Your overall health very much depends on the state of your nervous system.

Because I teach this fact so much, I am often asked,

“So then what is the best way to balance the nervous system?”
My answer is Breathwork.

Our breath and nervous system are directly connected. Our nervous system is:

  • the controller of the body
  • the controller of our ability to heal and regenerate, and,
  • the storage system of our emotions and past traumas

When our nervous system is balanced, we are calm, resilient and can handle what life throws at us a whole lot better.

However, when our nervous system is out of balance, we cannot physically or emotionally handle stress as well, so we become more prone to illness, skin conditions and the body literally begins to breakdown.

But did you know that learning how to breathe more effectively and efficiently can help us bring balance to our body, both physically and emotionally?

Learning to breathe properly can help us deal with the chaos of every day life and our current and future global issues in much healthier ways. It allows us to find calm in the midst of any storm. It allows us to become a lot more resilient to everything that life throws at us.

Learning to breathe intentionally has been a game-changer for me, and is the reason why I got my certification in breathwork so that I can share this tool with you!

This 21 Day Challenge Will Teach You:

  • how to breathe properly for best results (most of our society breathes improperly)
  • to better understand your nervous system and how to gain better control of it through your breath
  • how to override your nervous system during times of stress using your breath
  • different breath techniques for energy, balance, stress relief and sleep
  • how to improve digestion
  • how to improve sleep
  • how to improve your overall health and well-being through breathwork

The Benefits of Intentional Breathing

Increase Resiliency

Learn to override your nervous system using Balance and Rest Breath Techniques and use these techniques to increase your resiliency to stress and anxiety.

Improve Digestion

Learn how to activate your parasymphatic nervous system (also known as  "rest and digest"), through breath to improve and strengthen your digestive system.

Improve Your Sleep

Learn how to breathe properly while you sleep, and get access to quick and simple breath techniques that will help you fall asleep faster and improve your quality of sleep.

Your Nervous System and Breath

How we breathe is directly connected to our nervous system. It is our nervous system that holds the key to the body’s incredible potential to heal itself. It controls and coordinates all of the organs and structures of the human body. By becoming consciously aware of our breath, we are able to awaken something powerful within ourselves. Anytime that we experience any form of skin condition, or health ailment, we know the nervous system needs attention.

Your Lymphatic System and Breath

Our lymphatic system is the drainage system of the body, and an important part of our immune system. It's where white blood cells are manufactured and cellular waste is taken care of. Unlike our circulatory system, the lymphatic system has no pump. It needs to be stimulated, but here are only two ways to stimulate it – intentional movement and diaphragmatic breathing. When our lymphatic system is healthy and flowing, the body functions much more optimally.

This Breathwork Challenge Includes:

  • an introductory, educational video that teaches you about the science of breathing so that you can learn to breathe properly to get the best results during the challenge
  • 21 days of breathwork exercises, including morning, afternoon and evening exercises each day
  • an app that you can download for easy access to the breathwork exercises so you can access them on the go

What Past Clients Are Saying  About the Challenge

Lindsay C.

"Thank you for this challenge, Rachel. I didn't realize how important proper breathing was. I realized quickly that I was a bad breather before learning this challenge! This challenge helped me become a lot more mindful of how I breathe now. The evening breathwork exercises are my favourite! I still use them each night, even though the challenge is done."

Betty R.

"What a great experience. I am able to fall asleep so much faster at night now thanks to learning these techniques. I'm 58 years old and never knew that there was a wrong way to breathe. I wish I had have been able to access this information much sooner in my life. Thank you Rachel!"



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