Are Your Emotions Causing Your Acne?

acne holistic skin health Aug 17, 2021

Do you ever feel like you’ve tried everything to clear your skin, but it seems no matter how hard you try, the acne breakouts and inflammation still surface? What happens when you’re doing everything right but your skin is still acting up or your body aches for no apparent reason?

  • You’re eating well
  • You’re avoiding the foods that aren’t good for you
  • You’re exercising regularly
  • You’re sleeping
  • You’re doing your minimalist skin routine

What else can you possibly change?

The Answer: How You Process Your Emotions

Every single human being has some uncomfortable emotions. I don’t want to call them negative, because those emotions are there to communicate with us to make a necessary change and to teach us valuable lessons. These emotions aren’t negative, they are simply uncomfortable.

As a society, we are taught to be happy, positive and never be negative. Negativity is frowned upon. But the result of this is that we push our negative, uncomfortable feelings and emotions deep down, rather than process them and let them go.


  • we keep busy to avoid what has traumatized us
  • we work overtime
  • we overbook our schedule
  • we scroll through social media every second that our attention is not filled because there’s a discomfort there in the stillness that we want to avoid
  • this list can go on…

But while we may be stuffing those feelings deep down out of sight, they NEVER go away by ignoring them. They’re still there waiting for their moment to surface. Sometimes they show up as needless anger towards others. Sometimes they show up as self criticism. They can also show up physically, as chronic pain where there is no injury, or as chronic skin conditions (inflammation).

We cannot run away from our emotions. We have to do the inner work. So, if you’re doing everything right, but still not getting the results you’re looking for, it is probably time you look inward. Our emotions, when ignored, will be stored deeply in our nervous system and our connective tissue. They’ll negatively impact our nervous system, which is a vital system for healing. They’ll create pain and other physical symptoms.

If you question this, or would like to learn more about it, I highly recommend reading