The Worst Skin Care Mistakes You're Making

acne holistic skin health skin care products Aug 19, 2021

During an interview that I did recently, I was asked what the biggest mistakes are that I see people making when it comes to skin care. My answer:

  • Using external products in attempt to manipulate the skin
  • Believing that skin health is all external
  • Fighting skin inflammation by creating more inflammation
  • Attacking your skin externally when it isn’t looking the way you want it to

Our skin is a VERY intelligent organ that’s capable of caring for itself. The more you do to it, the more you risk disrupting it and damaging it.

When you have a scratch on your arm, do you scrub it, rub it, pick at it and continuously stare at it in the mirror? Likely not. Because most people trust their body to heal itself, yet when it comes to the face, we completely lose that trust.


Because the beauty industry markets to brainwash people. The beauty industry markets to create insecurities within you. The beauty industry actually creates more problems than it solves because they want you to keep coming back.

When it comes to external skin care products, the ONLY thing you need to focus on is supporting your skin’s very delicate microbiome, respecting your skin’s protective barrier, and keeping your pH balance in check. The only way to do this is through treating your skin minimally using ingredients that help with all of this. The less products you use, the better. The rest of your skin health is all internal.

Remember that the skin you treat externally is only 0.1mm thick. Yet the forehead is 1.7mm thick. It’s below the top 0.1mm that all the life occurs:

  • Blood circulation: where oxygen and nutrients are delivered
  • Nerves: the nervous system is the main controller of your body
  • Lymphatic flow: part of your body’s detoxification system, where white blood cells are manufactured and bacteria and pathogens are taken care of
  • Connective tissue: where hydration is stored and collagen + elastin are produced

None of these vital parts of the skin can be treated with external products. The health of these occur beneath the area that we treat with skin care products. And when these four parts of skin health aren’t functioning optimally, neither will your skin.

We have to stop always looking outside ourselves to heal. Movement, self massage, self touch, self respect and self love will heal your skin better than anything else you can do for yourself. Go within and your skin will thank you for it!