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Somatic Healing Practices

All of the symptoms that we experience are caused from our emotional experiences and an imbalanced nervous system, but healing trauma often involves more than just talking about our past experiences. Trauma is physically stored in the body and within the nervous system until we are able to physically release it. 

Somatic Practices  are mind-body exercises that guide you to focus on the underlying physical sensations within the body.  By practicing this, we can understand where is it being stored and work to create a safe space within the body to release that trauma from the physical body. Somatic practices may include breathwork, guided meditation, intuitive movement, dance, grounding, human touch, visualization and embodiment. 

What We Ignore Emotionally Will Surface Physically as Symptoms, Chronic Pain and Disease

Somatic Therapy involves gentle practices that help you heal past traumas and repressed emotions through a holistic approach so that you can get back to full health, become more resilient and feel at peace.

Are you ready to help heal your symptoms, experiences and past trauma from a holistic, body-centred approach?

A holistic approach to trauma defines trauma not as the situation or the event itself, but rather as:

"A disruption and overwhelm to our body-mind’s capacity to adapt, thrive, and flourish"

Trauma and repressed emotions, when not dealt with properly, get stored deep within the physical body, disrupt the nervous system, and can cause long-term health symptoms and diseases when left unresolved.

Dr. Peter Levine, an industry leader in studying and treating trauma and the creator of Somatic Experiencing, says

“Trauma is a fact of life. It does not have to be a life sentence.”

Every single one of us experiences trauma throughout our lives. Like Dr. Levine says, it is a fact of life. The problem and reason why so many people get held back from healing is because the majority of our society has never been taught how to properly acknowledge and release our past experiences in a healthy, effective way. Instead, we are taught to stuff our feelings down, hide our sensitivities and "be strong".

What we ignore emotionally will surface physically, through skin conditions, chronic pain, illness and even chronic disease. But our physical symptoms can be the gateway to healing when we tune in and listen.

Somatic Therapy guides us learn to listen to the messages and wisdom encoded in the body. It creates a safe space within the body, so that we can release our past trauma without having to force the mind or the nervous system to re-live through those trauma experiences again.

Healing doesn't have to be scary or intimidating. When we use Somatic Therapy to heal our past traumas, it allows us to move forward and thrive.